Friday, February 4, 2011

Tires and racks

P2P bound.
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Michael said...

That's quite a load. And speaking of tires Soma has some out.

adventure! said...

Nice going!

Is that an Aherne Cycle Truck? I got myself a Worksman Cycle Truck off the internet a few months ago, but haven't hauled a load like that yet!

John Speare said...

Michael: those are pretty tires. Look like a rebadged Panaracer Pasala -- hopefully they don't have the TG feature.

Shawn: That truck was build by a buddy of mine in Seattle a couple years ago. See the cycle truck label for more info.

adventure! said...

John: Cool! Nice build! I'm guessing that your Cycle Truck is lighter and more nimble than my Worksman. Worksman isn't known for "light weight" bikes. Haven't had a chance to really haul a lot of stuff on it yet, but someday. I can remove the basket if I just need a flat platform.

You can see more pics on the blog: