Tuesday, February 22, 2011

'nother rack

Deck mostly done.
Sweet. Joe bailed out of class tonight so Pat called me to start on Liza's rack.

It's going to be a copy of this. Which is of course a copy of Alex Singer.

I think the rack scales nicely to Liza's bike.
The idear is that it will be supported by normal v-shaped stays going down to the rack eyelet at the dropouts, but will tie into the fender for stabilization. Simple and light and good for the kinds of loads Liza carries, which aren't huge and 93.6% of the time are in a single "front roller" Ortlieb (the small ones).

Eric is also rackufacturing. Dig those stays!


rory said...

have you considered a taillight mount for the rack?

John Speare said...

Yeah, my thinking right now is just a brazed-on m5 barrel for the super flash -- that's how the light is attached now to the seat-stay rack braze-on.

So it will likely live on one of the stays -- between the stay and the wheel -- but out of the way of the ortlieb mounting.

Unfortunately, Liza does not want a wired rear -- no place to hide the wires in a way that she approves.

But I wouldn't mind finding a different light -- lower profile with a better mountion solution and good battery life.

CurioRando said...

Really nice. I wish I had talent for such work. I took a mandatory welding class as part of my bricklayer's apprenticeship nearly 30 years ago, and I was undoubtedly the worst in the class. Just never got the hang of it. Fun to admire your craft though!