Friday, February 11, 2011

Medical Lake neighborhood

My buddy Bill and I took an exploratory trip out to Medical Lake and the surrounding areas. There's some overnighter potential out there. Specifically, a home-jobber looking "resort" on the west end of Medical Lake that could probably be fun for a crowd:

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The West Medical Lake Resort has a dock with benches for fishing. And across the road, a big open field for camping and carrying on. It could work for a large, rowdy early-season overnighter.

We found a nice stretch of dirt road, which when coupled with some rollers, and a bit of a headwind, wore us down pretty quick.

I don't want to know how far we rode today. I feel like we rode 100 miles, but it was probably like 35 or something. I was pretty tired.

Lame that I didn't take my fancy ass new camera. What the hey?

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Anonymous said...

Still, some pretty good pix, fancy camera or no.