Monday, January 31, 2011

rSogn prototype

Pictures sniped from Rawland blog.
Whoa baby.

If I didn't have my Elephant, which was based on Alex's Gifford, which in turn, influenced nearly every identifiable feature of the rSogn, then I'd be all over this. In fact, the bike wanker hoarder in me really has a hard time letting this guy go.

The challenge: find a more versatile production frame set for $600.  This is a special bike: ability to fit super fat (2.1+) rubber, optimized for front loads, standard diameter 858 tubing, road-bike/quick-handling geometry, and sweet finish details (all the right braze-ons in all the right places, a sweet fork crown, nice powder coat). A perfect commuter, rough stuff, long-distance, and/or randoneur bike.

All this gushing is free btw. I got no dog in this fight, though full disclosure: I did help Sean (Rawland owner) write a bit of copy for the forthcoming press release on this bike. And he did give me store credit for that. So strictly speaking, I guess I have a small dog in the ring. But my enthusiasm here is genuine.

A bunch more nice photos can be found on the Rawland blog.

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