Friday, January 21, 2011

The worse kind of riding weather

My opinion is that low-mid 30's with rain is the lamest of all riding weather. Today was one of those days.

It was under 20F last night, so the ground was nice and frozen when it started raining at about 6 AM or so. The rain froze when it hit the ground. Click the picture above to zoom in. That's a nice sheet of ice on the streets.

On a bike with studs, this is pretty straight-forward riding. It's much much easier than the frozen-solid-slush, which nearly always brings me down. In my experience, the key on any ice is in slow, wide turning. So as long as your going straight: party on!

At about 10 am, the rain stayed rain on the ground. And it continued to rain and rain today. I was out riding around on bike errands all day. I had planned on taking a longer ride today, but I don't attempt those anymore in the "cold and wet" scenario.

I got to ride normal bikes this week, but mainly, I'm pretty much on the work horse 7 out of 10 rides in the last month or so. And I'm ready for a change.


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