Thursday, January 20, 2011

New camera

Fancy. I wanted a wider-angle point and shoot with lots of manual options. Rory, owner of my future Legolas, pointed me to the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5. Turns out this is also Alex's daily driver camera. So there it is.

I still have my rugged/waterproof beat up Lumix that makes a funny rattling noise. I'll use that as my on-bike (while riding) camera. But this new camera will live in a padded case, which will be slung on my shoulder and protected first if I fall. No on-bike-while-riding-picture-taking with the fancy camera.

So here are a few of the first shots. I'm not making any claims of good photography from a framing/subject POV, but for a hack like me to take shots with such clarity in weird light conditions says a lot for the technology of digital cameras these days. I'm looking forward to figuring out the technical basics (beyond shutter speed) to take better pics.

The moving car shot. This is a requirement for newbies with an adjustable shutter speed camera.


Jonathan Eberly said...

Awesome. It looks like it takes really good pictures. I expect to see much more photography on this blog.

Unknown said...

That's the same camera I'm planning on getting for my wife soon to replace the one I broke while out riding last month. Very nice.

alex wetmore said...

I see how do you did that with the Legalos. Tricky, but sadly for you Rory doesn't plow through bikes like we do.

I have the parent of that camera, the LX3, but it is my awesome go-to camera. I've also dropped it a few times and it keeps on ticking. It isn't supposed to be robust, but it is serving me well.

John Speare said...

Jon -- I'm feeling pressured.
Sean -- There's an NYC camera shop blowing these out, new with 4 GB sticks, and some other freebies, for $380, shipped. If you're into ebay.
Alex -- I know of at least three ex-Rory bikes (a x-check, a rambo, and a flippin Lyon cross bike!!). I'm a patient man.

rory said...

if you ride around long enough in spokane(assuming you do that ;) ), you'll see yet another Lyon that use to be mine. it's a go-fast emerald green Lyon, built with Reynolds 853(his first 853), has internal cable routing, and long horizontal campy dropouts. the rider is the same one who owns the baby blue cyclo-cross bike with the yellow fenders. this was my 1st custom, and it's also a great example of what happens when you pay Jeff to finish his fillets.

Jesse said...

Like Alex, I used to shoot with a DMC-LX3 and was thoroughly impressed in every way. The only complaint I had about it was its relative bulkiness for a point-and-shoot, but all the manual controls made it utilitarian while allowing me to get creative with the shots I took.