Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mini velo Soma awesomeness

I don't know how Jim G always finds these little gems, but it seems like he sends out some random cool thing like this to the iBOB list about once a month.

But this one is really really cool. Apparently Soma is prototyping this rad mini velo as we speak. Spycam photo from flickr is here.

There's some talk there of making a bike for urban apartment dwelling people or something. Whatever. As I mentioned a while back, this screams fast trail-riding rally commuter pump tracker to me.

Hello -- Soma people! Yes. Build it. Make it cheap and buyable by the frame set only. Nothing fancy. And please put a threadless headset on it.  Oh yeah: and 2.5" clearance would be dreamy, but I'd settle for 2".


Bill Foss said...

I am digging this. Make it foldable and I is sold.

Anonymous said...

Ditto on the frame alone option.

Needs horizontal dropouts, for easy single speed option.

Disk brake brackets.

I suspect Surly will jump on it, too.

Ratbiker said...

Mercier Nano $299 shipped. I got mine a week ago and they are a blast. Check out under folding bikes. I started the thread on the preorder. One person has already built theirs into a single speed.