Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Quick fix

I put the ol Shogun back together tonight. It took me just over an hour. About 30 minutes of that was farting around with the front canti brake, then tossing it and using another, then fussing with that.

Basic build: surly new hub/deep V rear; deore/bontrager front; old Sugino cranks; 42/18 gearing; mostly dead Brooks, Noodles.

I'm pondering fenders for the spring.

If I put them on, I'll definitely for sure have them off for summer trail riding. I really like this bike stripped down, but I have to fight my urge to put fenders and lights on it.

Tiger always blesses new builds.

And on some dark rainy night I'll regret the "stripped down" approach for sure.

I'm also pondering, again, the SA 3speed fix hub. And I have dyno hub in the garage. Maybe I'll dial that all in for next winter.


Jonathan Eberly said...

John, how do you like those noodle bars? I have tried the moustache bars and don't quite know that they work for me. I have had my eye on the noodle bars for a while now.

John Speare said...

Hi Jon --

I love Noodle bars. That's the bar that converted me to drop bars about 6 years ago.

I've got them on 5 bikes -- we're about the same size, no? If you want to borrow a bike for a week or so and see what you think, you're welcome to.

I want so much to like moustache bars and I've tried over the years - and I like them for tooling around, but for anything over 30 or 40 miles I just can't get thenm to work for me.

Jonathan Eberly said...

I would love to borrow a bike and check them out. I feel the exact way about the moustache bars. I love the way they make my CB-1 look but, like you, I find them uncomfortable on longer rides. My wrists get so mad. Besides, I think a monster cross CB-1 would look pretty rad.