Sunday, January 30, 2011

SOS pics

Every Sunday, Joe and I take pretty much the same ride. We call it the SOS ride... same old shit. Routine is good. It's a socially paced trail ride. As the season gets warmer, the pace picks up. Sometimes people join us.

Patrick joins us frequently.

This time of year we end up skirting around the ice floes and the SOS route is tweaked. Normally it just follows the river. Bikely map here.

The SOS ride is often the highlight of my riding in a given week.

Today we went up through Riverside Cemetery, over the tracks, and down through the archery range. Still a fair bit of ice and snow.

This ride is only about an hour and 20 minutes or so. Coffee is an important part of the ride. We used to stop at Indaba, but they don't do Sundays anymore, so they're dead to us now. Shame. That was great coffee.

Now we stop at Atticus, which has a pretty good drip about 75% of the time. That's a C average, but it actually beats the pants off of nearly every coffee place in town.


Jonathan Eberly said...

Looks like a fun ride. I live right in Brownes and frequently ride around the area but never knew there was a trail beneath the Cemetery. Does this connect the the route posted no trespassing by the TJ Meenach bridge? Ever been hassled?

John Speare said...

The trail under the cemetary is one of my favorite bits of trail ever. Fun on any bike.

It does connect to that route posted as no trespassing. I'd never advocate trespassing on land owned by an order of nuns (or anyone for that matter), that used to be wide open for mountain bikeing and is right on the river and is pretty, so I've been told.
A friend of mine rides it though frequently and has never been hasseled. But I'd never advocate trespassing. And I'm an honorable guy.

Pat S said...

Funny, I'd never bothered to ask you what 'sos' was. I'd just assumed that since you used to call it the sunday church ride, that it had morphed into the save our souls ride.

Dan O said...

Routine rides like that are always great. Tradition is cool.