Sunday, January 23, 2011

Some Sunday pictures

Highdrive trails are mostly clear on the west-facing side. And they're frozen in the morning.

I wish my flash had a bit more throw.

I wish I had the flash open on this one.
The Greenwood climb.

I love Spokane. It's hard not to feel the love when you get down by the river this time of year.

The picture is not the point: we've got the tandem dialed in. We took about a 5 mile ride today. The bars and platform pedals force me into chill mode. Which is really a great way to travel with Liza on this bike.

Maddie rocking the Elephant.


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures--the composition of Joe with the train is particularly good.

John Speare said...

Thanks Nate. The train pic wants to be centered a tad to the right.

Dan O said...

Nice shots. Always cool to see other folk's riding areas.