Thursday, June 9, 2011

Trail ride #2

Early morning ride. Maddie did the "coaster run" from Bernard to 25th.
She had one minor tumble down the side, but she's still enthused.
It may be time for some component changes on the Elephant.


Andy D. said...

Your daughter has the coolest bike around. Those are 24 inch wheels, right? I've been pondering something similar for my daughter, however I have a year or two before she's big enough for something of that size. If you've found parts or other suggestions that work well, I'd be interested in the low down.

Geoff said...

Love the confident and proficient manner in which the drive side pant leg is rolled to the appropriate height.

John Speare said...

BDD: The bike is special. more on the bike here.
Kid bikes can be hard, they're just so heavy relative to the kid -- the Elephant suits Maddie for longer trips and hilly rides. But I think a good BMX (with freewheel and two good caliper or v brakes) is where it's at for most kids. I'm baiased though. I rode a BMX until 8th grade.