Thursday, July 21, 2011

Justin's Rawland rSogn

Nice bike.

Crazy deal. Justin paid $525 for the frameset shipped. I think the price now is around $600 + shipping, which is still a great deal for the bike you're getting. There's lots of details to like about this bike.

It's essentially a production version of my Elephant, which was a copy of Alex's Gifford.

The rack on Justin's bike is an Alex rack.
Clearance for the Quasi's. Maybe even the Neo Motos?
If 650b scares you -- and really, unless you're bush-whacking your way through a 3rd world country, there's no reason it should scare you -- then consider this beauty for about the same price. It's been bugging me lately. Get outta my head!

In unrelated news. There's a tree across a trail down on the trails.

And related to that, there's a group of trail-fixers working with WSU folk to fix up and maintain the high-drive trails. They're on Facebook (High Drive Bluffs). So far, they appear to be doing good. They fixed the main intersection off the Bernard/HD trail head and did really nice work:

I sniped this picture from the Facebook page.


Jonathan Eberly said...

Man I cant wait to see his rSogn. I believe the price is not 725 + shipping. I shoulda jumped at the deal back when it was 525.

That XOXO is pretty rad. Why are there always so many badass bicycles out there that make me want to buy them.

Fred Blasdel said...

It'll fit Quasi-Motos with fenders

I got some 650b Racing Ralphs that measure 53.5mm, and with those the taller side knobs rub on the fenders.

Without them it'd fit 2.35" Nevegals easily -- the phyisical chainstay clearance is almost 80mm! Makes me want to get Snow Cat rims. You would have to be careful about front derailleur clearance though.

Bicyclesidewalk said...

Nice blog, came across it via DC Rainmaker. I have been to Spokane one time - for a wedding many years ago. I thought, what a great it would be to ride. Glad I found your site.

Nathan Miller

Bryan B said...

Rawland makes hot bikes. I'm sad I'll probably never get to swing a leg over one.

Bryan B said...

Just checked their blog and see they're also going the Salsa route and offering the rSogn in Ti! Wow.