Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Some more river pictures

Taylor showed up last night.
He rode his new track bike.
He was happy to have a s'more.

Fishing bike.
Turns out that Walleye are really yummy.

Don and Theo visited yesterday.
Maddie loves having passengers.

Maddie let Taylor win.


Patrick Sullivan said...

Taylor is the MAN. Period.

Anonymous said...

Man, it looks like you guys are living the life. Wade

Bryan B said...

Between this and Taylor doing S24O on dirt roads with 23mm tires and no sleeping bag...

...why doesn't this guy have a bike blog?

Christopher Grande said...

When ever I see old touring frames single-speeded with 7OOs, I can't help but get all giggly and happy. Maybe it's a bit narcissistic since my SS cyclocross bike is just that; but whateves. Good lookin!