Monday, July 11, 2011

Kettle River road

This road runs on the east side of the river for about 8.5 miles. A nice alternative to 395 for beer runs to Kettle Falls.
Traffic count at 7AM:
2 Hawks
1 Bald eagle
Shit piles of turkey vultures
0 Cars


Jon Snyder said...

Guess that means you aren't coming in to the office today. Ride on my wayward son! Hope to join you soon.

Dylan said...

I'd like to know how much a "shit pile" is. Is it more or less than a "shit ton"? But seriously, sounds like a nice little ride.

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel, man. Carrion-eaters follow me around on my rides, too.

Sucks to be old.

Dylan, "shit pile" is a metric measure of volume, "shit ton" is an imperial measure of weight, hence your confusion.

A shit pile is about half a shit load, if that helps you visualize.