Sunday, July 31, 2011

New tire plan


mechBgon said...

Let the week of vaccilation, fretting, second-guessing and reevaluating begin!! :)

Personally I'm going with Schwalbe Furious Fred 26 x 2.0 in tubeless mode. Unless I don't. In which case it might be the Race King Supersonic 2.2s again. Or... or...

*begins chewing nails feverishly*

John Speare said...

Yeah. I just took a spin around town on those Quasi's and the trail-part of the ride was righteous, but they're too much of a trade off for the road.

As you know -- the first 20 miles and the last 15 are all flat pavement. That's easy time there. I'm going to go with 38mm super cush Pari Motos.

I'll take it easy on the descents and let a bit of air out for the section b/t Sands and Spangle.

I'll be pre-riding some of the sections this week, so if those tires just blow up, then I'll go back to the hetres.

Silly too: I removed the fenders for the Quasi's to fit. I don't plan on reinstalling them -- since they have 5mm aluminum stays, I figured not having them will allow my super flexy curved front fork to provide a bit of absorbsion too.

feverishly... yes... verily.

rory said...


John Speare said...

Rory: you're the second high-value opinion person that has told me to go with Hetres. The other is Dylan. Super rando cross wonder-kid over in your neck o the woods. I rode the "bad" section this morning on the Pari's and I'm sold. There are some relentless washboards about 30 miles further down the course where I"ll be cursuing my decision, but I'm feeling good about the Pari's. I'll have a hetre strapped to the rack as a back up though. Just in case.

rory said...