Saturday, July 2, 2011

Mission: Road 200

This is what the end of a road looks like.
Pat Rick and I set out to get to the end of Road 200. Like all other roads not on the map in this area (NW chunk of Colville Nat'l Forest), the road terminated after a bunch of climbing.

Suits me. I'd rather find a loop or a connection to another road, but it's fun to explore these off-shoot roads. Patrick and I have bagged just about all of NW-pointing roads off of the main S Boulder Creek road -- for 9 miles. So we're about half way done with one side of the road.

 Then we'll work our way down the other side. It's a good project and requires someone like Patrick, who prefers no maps, no plans, no goals when he does this stuff. He's a perfect fit for road exploring.

I'm GPS'ing most of the routes. Once they are all laid out, maybe there will be some connections that are close enough to warrant more investigation and serious bush-whacking.

We rode for about 6 hours. We went 30 miles. 15 of those miles and 5.25 hours were spent climbing and bush-whacking.

Patrick: "I saw a road that connects to those birches over there."

Road 325. All climb. We'll be heading back there to
check out a handful of marked-but-not-mapped roads.

End of another road.

Post-ride ride. We put fatter rubber on the trike.
Maddie is going to be psyched.

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