Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer commute

I love this time of year. It's shirt-sleeve mornings like today that I fantasize about on days like this in the deep dark winter.

Manito Blvd

Mirror Pond
 Hi Joe.

This is a knarly hill.
Huge potholes. The good line is down the left, in the glass and crap-strewn gravel.
Given the speed of the south-bound traffic and the low visibility,
 I recommend a full stop at the bottom. 

The best part.
See that sidewalk in the center of the picture?
Not the curvy one.
It's a jump. I pinch flatted there yesterday on the RBT.


Noah Sutherland said...

So, I think the "knarly hill" is 10th looking down to Sherman. That is an odd spot. I love the cool old rock wall, but it's hidden behind an ugly concrete barrier. But I realize that without the barrier, the cool old rock wall probably wouldn't be there very long, given the skill of most Spokane drivers.

Traditional Bike Club Curmudgeon said...

"Joe" and "knarly downhill" are out of chronological order and that makes my brain hurt.

Rachel said...

Mine too, Curmdge

John Speare said...

TBC/Rachel: sorry to mess with your need for order. But how do you know that I didn't ride down to Joe's first, take his photo, then ride back up 10th and take the knarly hill photo? hmm?

actually, the drag n drop feature of blogger in wysiwyg mode did not like me trying to decouple joe's photo from the hill photo. and i was too lazy to go fuss with the html -- not to mention ride back up a hill and take a photo just to mess with you guys.

Rachel said...

If you went to see Joe first and then back to go up that steep hill, then you turned around again to take that photo, because it's facing eastward.

You must like to do things the really complicated way. ;-)