Thursday, January 22, 2009

Civic Update

Three items of note.

#1 Public Meetings for pending Spring roadwork.

These meetings are really important to attend. There is sort of a stubborn defense of the status quo in the bureaucracy of our city's engineering department. The idea that moving as many cars as fast as possible still guides decision making and street "design" here in Spokane.

But, when citizens speak out and question the designs, they can be modified to make walking and cycling better. It's not trivial to modify design and you can meet a wall of half-truths, technical obfuscation, and resistance. But the fact is, good design can happen and money can be found if the will of the people is strong enough.

These upcoming meetings are actually scheduled at times when normal working people may be able to attend.

Meeting #1: Southeast Boulevard from 29th to Perry.
Tues, Jan 27th, 6:30-7:30 pm
Hutton Elementary, 908 E 24th Ave

Meeting #2: Alberta St. from NW Blvd to Francis Ave and Cochran St from NW Blvd to Alberta St.
Tues, Feb 3rd, 4-6PM
Shadle Park Presbyterian Church, 5508 N Alberta St

#2 Local Transportation Stimulus Priorities

Thanks to the BTW site for pointing to the SRTC site where the big doc (pdf) is stored.
The doc linked there lists the potential "shovel ready" projects for the federal stimulus money.

The "non-motorized" projects include:

  • Fish Lake Trail: Sunset Highway to existing trail to the south -- this is paving the rest of the FLT. There may be some connection-to-downtown work included here too, but this does not include the bridges over the tracks.
  • Freya St. Sidewalk: 57th to Aquatic Center
  • Bike Routes Downtown: Jefferson, 4th Ave, Howard, Spkn Falls Blvd, Riverside -- this is a big loop around downtown, bike lanes mostly, but also some interesting work on 4th Ave to move bikes against the one-way traffic.
  • Wandermere Road Pathway: Wandermere Road
  • Historic Iron Bridge Rehabilitation for Pedestrian and Biking: this is the bridge that crosses the river by the Iron Bridge condos and hooks into East Central/Sprague area.
  • Ben Burr Trail: Liberty Park to Erie/Riverside-- this connects Ben Burr trail/Liberty part to Trent with bike paths, lanes, and signage. This really becomes useful with when coupled with the Iron Bridge piece above.

My favorite is the "Historic Iron Bridge," which just opens up East Sprague/Central to downtown. And sets the stage for my pet route.

#3 Final MBP Public Comment

You are receiving this e-mail because you have expressed interest in Spokane’s Master Bike Plan. We wanted to let you all know that the most recent drafts of the Master Bike Plan, Planned Bikeway Map and Comprehensive Plan Changes are now available on our website:

Please take time to review the documents. On January 28th 2009, at 5:00 p.m., in the City Council Chambers, the City of Spokane Plan Commission will hold a public hearing to receive public testimony on proposed Master Bike Plan. The Planning Services Department is proposing that the Master Bike Plan be adopted as an emergency amendment to the Comprehensive Plan as provided in Spokane Municipal Code Section 17G.020.010.E


Anonymous said...

I swear to God I will attend one public input meeting because I want city that spoke-can, not spoke-can't.


Pat S said...

Thanks for the great info, John.

I also noticed this Hatch Rd meeting:



When: Wednesday, January 21, 2009, 6:30 p.m.

Where: Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church

4320 S. Conklin Street

Purpose: This is the second of two public meetings regarding the study. This final meeting will review the draft study results and accept public comments.

The study area includes: Hatch Road from 57th Avenue to the Hangman Bridge.

The purpose of the study is to identify both the safety improvements for the intersection of 57th Avenue and Hatch Road and the potential options for placing both pedestrian and bicycle facilities, as well as initial options for:

Improving the existing intersection of 57th Avenue and Hatch Road

Improving roadway drainage

Reconstructing of the road surface, including improvements to current safety standards