Friday, January 16, 2009

Next step: ride

I finished the big-kid bike today. Turns out that when I reassembled the hub I put one little piece in upside down. Oops. That made the hub a freewheel, instead of a coaster brake, and it broke the 2-speed feature. And it exposed some bearings weirdly. I had to un-assemble and reassemble the hub a couple times to figure that one out. I feel pretty good now about overhauling and reassembling a Sachs Torpedo 2-speed kickback hub. 

An unidentified employee at REI squeezed the rear fork ends down to 117 or so. He even aligned the front forks. Nice unidentified guy that he is. 

I took the bike for a quick spin in the dark and it seems fun. I may have to fuss with the stem. It's got about  100 mm on there now. But with the semi-swept back space bars, I may want a tad more reach. Maybe I'll just lower the bars a bit and see if that does it. 

It will be fun to get good at using this hub. Liza rode the old Raleigh 20 quite a bit when this hub lived on that bike. She got pretty good stopping, then being in the right gear for take off. 

I'm running 36/17, which gives me about a 56" low gear. That puts second gear at about 76 gear inches. While I won't win the tour with that gearing, it's pretty perfect for cruising and getting up just about any hill in town. And it will be fair for trail riding. 


Anonymous said...

Beautiful setup, John, and nice pix and explanations.

Are you bringing that bike Sunday morning?


John Speare said...

yes. Other interested parties: DeLeon's breakfast ride. Meet at the carousel at 8:30 AM tomorrow (sun) morning.

Pat S said...

Sweet bike, John. I love how clean it is.

RJ said...

Dang! Cheers to you for even tackling that!