Monday, January 5, 2009

Skiing to work

My first run. My second time on xc skis.

That's a lot of work. Fun too.

Mobile post.


Unknown said...

What kind of route did you use to do this? i.e. sidewalks vs. roads vs. trails.

Anonymous said...

That is a lot of skiing for your first day out on skis in years! I'd like to XC into work someday.

John Speare said...

TLP: mostly side streets, in the car tracks. The picture is from a weird section of 14th/Vista Ln in the Rockwood/SE Blvd area.

Alex: It would be cool to do the dirt route from campus to yarrow/hunts point on a snowy day. damn hard, but fun.

Klay said...

wow! Good for you John