Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday Fun

We did the Sunday morning DeLeon's ride. I think we had 8. If you're interested in joining us for casual rides, check out the forum for updates. We'll try using the forum again.

That's Pat and his white basket. He gets the best winter bike award: Karate Monkey with stupid fat knobbies at 25PSI; internal-gear hub with disc brakes (Alfine... bling!). If you have to do one bike for winter this would be it.

This is the hill that won Pat the best winter bike award. This is the second hill that goes from 5th to 7th Ave next to the Ronald McDonald house. He popped it down to 1st gear and just cruised up both hills. Of course, as Lance would be quick to remind us: it's not all about the bike. Pat is in that picture by the way. Top of the hill on the left. The little dark dot. Craig and I were walking.

Ice bike. Good for cruising. The gear is a bit tall for climbing steep stuff and hauling Liza around on the sled.

We ended up having a beer on the way home from DeLeon's. That's Joe.

On Illinois Ave. Illinois is a great street on a clear day. Looking south-west you can see downtown and and the south hill.  It was a beautiful amazing day this morning. Bright, clear, blue, cold. Lovely ride.

After the morning DeLeon's run, Maddie, Liza and I went sledding. We dropped Maddie off at a friends and then Liza and I tooled around the south hill. 

We've decided that we like this winter and if they keep coming like this, we're going to embrace it and enjoy it. According to the news, we'll have up to 9 inches of fresh powder tomorrow morning. If so, I'll be trying the new x-country skis on my commute. 


bmike said...

Sounds like fun! We've turned our Sunday long rides into winter social rides. We still work hard and sometimes ride fast - but we stick close to town and pick a cafe or two as destinations. Good Fun! Love the kick sled...

bleckb said...

Dang. Sorry I missed it. I just this morning, after finishing digging out a month's worth of snow, got the studded tires mounted.

Hank Greer said...

What a blast. Wish I'd been there.