Saturday, January 3, 2009

Kickin it - Liza's kicksled

The conditions are perfect for Liza's kicksled.

All the side streets are compressed snow and ice: smooth and slick. And there is a high of around 10 F today so it's staying hard and fast.

A couple weeks ago, I rigged up a sled pulling solution for Maddie by hooking onto my favorite little REI backpack. I find it sort of funny how overly technical the back pack is. It's got hoops and loops and straps and such. And it's just a wee little thing. But by hooking a carabiner into one of the overly reinforced little grommet hoopy deals, I can make myself into a sled dog. The pack has chest and waist straps, so when I pull, I'm pulling with my shoulders and chest. It really makes hauling Maddie around on her sled nearly effortless.

So today, while Maddie was out with Grandma, Liza and I tried out this dogsled routine with her kicksled. I rode my fixed, studded 720 Ice Bike and we were in business. We covered a lot of ground in no time. 

First we hit the Scoop for some caffeine, then we went to Fresh Abundance, then we dropped off the groceries at home and went up to the Rocket on 43rd. We picked up a couple items there, then we came down Arthur to Super 1 for the mega jug of cinnamon (it should be against the law to make oatmeal without cinnamon).

We were having so much fun and making such good time, we detoured down Manito Blvd to the park and took the long way home. 

It's amazing how easy it is to pull Liza with this set up. It was a good work out, and much more fun that just climbing hills alone. We're hoping for a prolonged cold spell now.


Anonymous said...

OK, I know you said this was suprisingly easy. . . but it makes me feel a bit woosy.

Seriously, you are standing in for a half dozen huskies for fun. . .

Tarik Saleh said...

Man that looks great! I need to look into kick sleds, it seems a bit hilly here where it would be possible...

John Speare said...

Anon: you should come by and try it. It's on ice, there's almost no friction. It's a chore getting it going, but once you do, it's just a steady pull.

Tarik: if you've got ice, then I'd say do it. The hills are really fun to go down; it steers surprisingly well too.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what people think about the dynamics of your relationship when they see this set up:
-John is atoning for a wrong.
Napoleon Dynamite: "pull me into town"
At the very least Liza could kick a little going up a hill.
It sounds like fun. Liza should carry a whip for show. And work up a rig for your cat.