Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Clearing stuff out

"We" have a goal this year of not buying a bunch of new bike stuff, to buy used whenever possible, and if buying new, to sell off old stuff to fund the new stuff.

So, my first round of stuff is pictured above. 
  • The brifters are Shimano 600 8-speed: $50
  • There's a lil'loafer Rivendell canvas bag there: $70
  • A bendix 2-speed kick back, red band hub: $50
  • A Fatty Rumpkin 650bx42 tire (about 200 miles on it): $35
  • A Velo-Orange Ostrich handlebar bag (decaleur attachment not included): $80
  • Brooks B-67 (reshaped after being soaked): $35
  • Atlantis fork for a 700c wheel: $150

If you are local and any of that stuff looks interesting, contact me and you can come over and inspect. I hate trying to describe how used stuff is on email. My "good" is ususally other people's "fair." This isn't fire sale pricing here, but hopefully I'm not too deluded in my ideas of worth. 

Not pictured is Liza's RB-1 frameset. It's a 1994, 53 cm frame. Fun bike. Frame/fork/headset: $300. This frame is in really good shape.


Anonymous said...

How come you're selling Liza's RB-1? I thought she ended up really liking it?

John Speare said...

She did like it. Until she got the 90's rockhopper for $75. She's working on another project right now: a mash up of her old mixte, the rb-1, and her rockhopper. all the elements she likes in those in one bike.

Anonymous said...

How are you with shipping? There's a couple things I might could use...

Are the bars included with the brifters? Look like maybe noodles...

John Speare said...

just got word from Liza. Turns out she still DOES like the RB-1. Oops.

Russ: the bars are not noodles. They're Nitto Mod 135 deep drops. This bar/brifter combo came off a 93 RB-1. They are nothing like the noodles. But sure, I'll include them.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'll buy the fork so's I can have the only Atlantis 69er in Spokane.

But, maybe not.

Thinking on the hub.


Unknown said...

Hiya, I found your blog while hunting for duomatics online. Any chance you still have the Bendix? I know it's a slim chance since this is a three month old post... but there's always hope. You can email me, knittzilla at gmail. thanks a bunch.