Friday, January 30, 2009

Trails, fenders, snow

I went and checked out the trails off of High Drive. Where there's no snow, there's mud. So, no surprise there I guess. I got right off after about 20 feet. It looks like a lot of foot traffic is still on there.

The Shogun 2-speed now sports drop bars: much better. But it doesn't have fenders, which I intend to follow through with. This bike will be fenderless. But looking at how trashed my coat and pants and shoes get from just 10 or so miles of tooling around on wet and muddy pavement, I am thankful for the other fendered bikes in my garage. By running full fenders with a flap, you can avoid almost all road grime.

This guy rules (click for big):


Anonymous said...

John, looks like it's time for just a scoche (sp?) of bar tape.

John Speare said...

Lazyeye: funny you should mention that. After I took a ride today I swapped out the stem on that bike for a slightly longer one. I only had one roll of bar tape, so I got one side done and had just enough tape to patch up the worn section above the hood on the other side. Stylin'

Anonymous said...

Are you referring to the ice block wall or the "dairy aire"

John Speare said...

Mark: the guy's butt. nice caboose.