Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Coming back soon

The clouds are parting and I'll be posting soon again. Thanks Hank and Curmudgeon for picking up the slack. Much appreciated. Poster of yore, Lucas, also has one in the hopper. Thanks guys.

In the meantime, check out the latest issue of Bicycle Times. It contains a feature article about Councilman Snyder and his Kogswell.

Ben Tobin took the photos. There's a a couple pics of Mr. Sprute too. The article was written by me. Fancy.

Some subjects I plan on visiting here when I emerge:
  • Getting rid of bikes. The pain the angst the freedom.
  • Rawland transformation #3: the final config.
  • Bike storage and archival.
  • CDA Forest overnighter #2. The good kind of pain.
  • Anticipating CX woes.
  • Lighting up the cycle truck.
  • Being done with fixed gear bikes. Maybe.
  • Elephant bike love.


Pat S said...

>>Rawland transformation #3: the final config.<<

Please. Us readers were all born. But not yesterday.

Looking forward to your return.

Eric said...

Nice article John, really enjoyed reading it! But I'm wondering how Pat ended up with a bigger picture..?

I think it had to be the glasses and flaming torch...