Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rack building with Pat

Pat rules. He's a bike nerd. And an engineer. And he likes to make stuff. And he's got a well-equipped shop for making stuff. And he's super generous with his knowledge, time, and stuff. What's not to like?

Pat is going to teach me to build a rack and probably some other stuff. Last night, he gave me the basics on cutting, coping, and brazing. Very basics. The basics are pretty straight-forward, but doing these things well will undoubtedly take some practice and experience.

The first item I'm going to build is a light bracket for the cycle truck. I had a couple over-engineered ideas for making this bracket, but Pat came up with a simpler design that I think I may actually be able to pull off.

Here's the joint I brazed last night. Crappy picture, but it was a crappy braze too. The brass didn't fill in all the way around the tube on the inside and ther's a bit of a gap on the outside. I'll get better.

Stay tuned for more.

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alex wetmore said...

I think every bike nerd should get a little torch time. Congrats on your first brazed joint!