Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Sept 24th

Chilled bike ride with Patrick. We connected with that super bumpy rocky rail trail that goes from Euclid Road, above Riverside State Park, and pops out near Trail Road.

We came down a trail that was too rough for my poor Elephant. I felt bad for abusing it, but everything held up ok. That's Patrick behind the blade of grass.

My MIL, Maria, prepares olives every fall. I asked her who taught her the method. She said she just watched her mom do it while growing up in Sicily. But her mom never explained it or let her help. Maria cooks/prepares a lot of yummy food and she learned it all like this -- just watching. I find that interesting. I'm such an annoying question-asker, but that's not how it worked in the old country in the old days I guess.

Her sugo recipe is here. This is the first fall in at least 6 years that we're not making sugo.

While Maria crushed olives, I laced up the new dyno-drum wheel for the cycle truck. Shit lacing up these little bastards is a pain. Luckily, a buddy has my tensionometer so that gave me an excuse not to finish the job today.

When Maddie got home we climbed the neighbor's plum tree and harvested. I think if we didn't eat the plums on this tree, the neighbors would've cut it down by now. We have a nice shoot on our side of the fence that should start bearing fruit in a couple years, so if they chop it, we'll be ok.

Maddie can eat an amazing number of plums. We'll end up drying most of these. Tomorrow is apple day. We'll be making apple sauce and apple butter. I love fall.

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