Sunday, September 19, 2010


Alex beat me to it on posting about the new rSogn. This bike is shaping up to be a great all rounder, or as Alex says, a "rough stuff" bike. It's very similar to the Elephant I just got, which was based on Alex's Gifford.

Assuming the bike materializes according to plan, it hits all the stuff I care about in a perfect commuter/trail bike: steepish angles/low-mid trail, fits Hetres and Quasi-motos, standard gauge 969 tubing, 1 1/8th" steerer, canti brakes.

If you have ever been on the fence with trying a low-trail bike, I can't imagine a better opportunity than this Rawland frameset at $500 (for pre-order by mid-Oct).

The only gap is that they're not making a small size. If Liza liked low trail bikes I'd be rallying to get four other buyers - Sean, the Rawland owner, says he'll do a run of Small sizes if 5 people pre-order. I would be in on that if we could get a fork with less rake -- to land the trail in the 60's for Liza.

By the way. If you are in Spokane and you like the looks of Liza's Fuji, it's on the block. We'll start at $400. It's got SRAM 7 speed IG hub, dyno front with E6. Barely used Nifty Swifty Rivendell tires. Fancy Terry saddle. Rear rack and front bag not included. And the crappy front long-reach front brake has been replaced by a v-brake. (Rear hub has built in drum brake).

We're selling Liza's Fuji and my RB-T frameset to fund a new Liza bike. The ideal score would be a 52 cm 1993 Bridgestone XO-2 or XO-3 frameset. Got one?

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Unknown said...

John: I'm hoping that the rSogn will be offered in a size small, I've emailed Sean and let him know I'd put a deposit down if a small size (with effective top tube between 52 and 54cm, I couldn't adapt to longer than 54cm since I ride all 53cm top tubes)is offered. Here's hoping that Liza and I could get an rSogn.