Thursday, September 23, 2010

Winter bike 2010

Here's the winter bike this year. In the past, I've rolled with an ice bike and a snow bike. For crazy deep snow, I'll still run the Rawland with Neomotos, but for daily driving, the MB-2 is the plan this winter.

I scored the 7-speed Nexus hub wheel on the iBOB list about 6 months ago. Glen horizontalified the MB2 last spring.

I'll put the basic Hakkapaliita studs on it come ice/snow time. For now it's rolling my favorite 26" tires: the 1.75 (non-tourgaurd) Pasalas.

Once the tandem season is officially over (which coincides exactly with the snow/ice season), I'll pull the generator wheel and light off the tandem and put it on this beauty.

I also have some different bars pending. More city style. And if I can wedge the Softride stem on there with the new bars, I must have it.

This frame has put out like there's no tomorrow. It xtracycled for about 4 years (2 or so years of that it survived the Snyder treatment -- no small feat), and before that, it was a Hummer.

This picture does not even come close to capturing the rad sunset we had for about 15 minutes last night. This is Maddie on the front of the cycle truck.


Anonymous said...

It was unbelievable from the top of Baltimore "out on the Palouse"

Noah Sutherland said...

I'm sure I missed your explanation somewhere, but why the non-tour guard Paselas? I'm a fan of the belting.

John Speare said...

Noah - I prefer cush over flat protection (my disertation on this subject is here) the non-tour guard 1.75 pasalas are like the poor man's Hetres -- wonderful cush and fast.