Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pre-CDA shake down

2 day CDA forest bike trip starts tonight. This bike is so wonderful. With fatty Hetres or with knobbie Quasi-motos, it's a pleasure to ride.

The funny yellow turds hanging off the rack are a rain jacket and a synth down vest. In the bag goes food and a water filter. A tool set and an emergency bivvy live in the rear bag.

We'll be car camping, then riding all day, then back to fancy-pants camp with tents, an easy-up, two stoves, beer, ice.

Alex will be on my Rawland. His buddy Andre will be on Pat's new mountain bike, and Pat will be on his Karate Monkey, since the bottom bracket on his Elephant blew up yesterday.

Speaking of Rawland -- check out the discussion on the Rawland blog. Next version of the Sogn is going to use OS 747 and 858 tubing. This will be the go-to recommendation bike, but they're only doing a small run. I'm trying to talk Liza into the small (747) as her do-all bike and a replacement for her Rock. But that's a huge sell.

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