Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Land Yacht

Spokefest 2010. Kira and I took it to the limit on this one and pulled O in the trailer behind the tandem. Her idea. Honestly, this was our 4th time riding this beast.

At the halfway-point-musical-rest-stop-cookie-fair, I put to use a trick I learned in high school about navigating crowds politely but with purpose. Eyes unfocused on anyone in particular, stride slowly at a constant pace, and don't stop moving. The water parted, this time at least.

Next year, I'll have to make a mental mark where Owen wakes up and complains loudly about the indignity of it all. Helmet. Seatbelt. Shoes and socks. They're all hindrances right now. This happened last year as well. So far he's 2 for 2 with participating in Spokefest each year of his life.

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