Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rude cyclist

Maddie: Daddy, do you have any rude friends?
Me: Uh... I guess I'm the rudest one I know.
Maddie: You're not rude. You're a cyclist. You blow snot balls out of your nose; you get all muddy; you get sweaty and gross.
Me: I guess so.
Maddie: You dress bad. You talk with food in your mouth. Your hair is messy. You spit.
Me: (dwell)
Maddie: You're a cyclist. I'm a runner.


Jason Gilman said...

Love Maddie's logic there. It's going to be funny to look back on this conversation a few years down the road and see just how many of those "rude" attributes she named also apply to running and runners as well. In fact if I were you and I'd had this conversation I'd be tempted to bust out a "Way to run rude Maddie!" in some future cross country race if the conditions were right. Rainy/muddy conditions, leading the race and "rude"ly dropping her competitors and teammates, the possibilities seem endless!

Anonymous said...

Gawddam thats funny! I love the insightful, honesty of kids. Wade

BetsySpeare said...

just the facts, ma'm.

KarmaCycle said...

Clever the way she started the salvo on you with a question, opening you up softly, then getting ready to put the boot in (so to speak) after you'd conceded the principle. Children don't know the art of verbal jousting? Pah! Loved the story!

Anonymous said...


Your kid is right. You are kind of rude, arrogant, unpleasant on the outside. Hard to say if this is the same on the inside, but for sure, you are not very fun to know on a superficial level. Not that you should care, other than, the lack of joy you portray is a heavy load for all you encounter-dragging others down and whatnot. So, I suggest you try to lighten up externally, and not feel any shame here or anything, just try to express some love and joy towards your fellow man in a way that is obvious. Love to you, my bicycling brother, The Kid

John Speare said...

gKid: Thanks for that.

Anonymous said...

"The Kid" was kidding right? John is a joy to know on the superficial level. Actually, on most levels. And, he's on the level. He's a levelation!

Keep it real, John.

Peter G. Williams said...

Maddie shows an impressive ability to offer complements at such a young age!

Ken Paulman said...

So, if I'm understanding The Kid correctly, we should "express love and joy toward our fellow man" by, what ... anonymously drop-kicking them on their own blog?

Who's the rude one again?