Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Black Friday ride

Last August I mentioned a Thanksgiving day ride. Barb commented that doing it on Black Friday instead might be a better idea. She was right.

So I'm not crazy about rides where many random people show up that I've not ridden with, so I don't know what I was thinking, but friends keep asking me about it so we'll give it a shot.

It's not like I don't want to meet new people. But I don't like huge group rides because if everyone is trying to be nice and amicable and patient, then you end up waiting forever for stuff: the random flat, the friend of a friend who is on his way, the weird-o mechanical failure, an unfortunate spill, etc. Then people feel bad because they're holding everything up and some people just want to go and it can be weird. Maybe we can find a way to avoid that weirdness.

Anyway, the plan is to leave The Scoop at 7:30 AM on Black Friday. We'll do the NW Passage loop.

I don't know if the Scoop will be open at this time on this day. It's just a handy spot to leave from.

Apropos of the weirdness mentioned above, let me just throw some stuff out here:

  • This is a mountain bike ride. I would call it moderately technical and moderately fast. You should be comfortable bombing around on stuff like the Highdrive trails and Riverside at a moderate speed. That said, this ride doesn't require a dual suspension bike. A CX bike or hard tail will work fine. I'd definately have some tread/knobbie on whatever you ride though.
  • I hate the idea of a drop ride: where people who aren't keeping up, are dropped and left for dead.
  • I also really don't like the idea of a no-drop ride if there's a lot of people going different speeds.
  • Maybe I'm over thinking this. Probably. But what we may do is group at specific spots. Like, the first section would be to drop down into the flat behind the cul de sacs and meet on Hatch and Tomaker. Wait. Regroup, then do the Pines section, then meet at the bottom of White Hill. If that makes sense. So, we're not doing a turn by turn wait, no drop thing, but we are regrouping. Whew.
  • Another idea -- let's say the freaks show up. Guys like Ben and Jake for example. They can take a fast and knarly group. I could take a moderate group. Then we'll find a stopper-and-smeller-of-roses to lead the rose-smelling group. That could kind of work.
  • There are many bail out options. If you're worried that you ate too much tofurky and won't be able to keep up, but you dig the idea, then at least join in for the first few miles, which is all down hill.
  • Not sure how far or how long we'll go. I'll need to be back home by around 1 or so, but enthusiastic folk can keep going. It may make sense to ride until 11:30 or so and end up at Benniditos. Or something.
  • This is just a ride with friends... at your own risk, as they say -- don't go showing up and hurting yourself and suing me. You should be self sufficient in the flat-fixing, mechanical department and all that.
Man, I can really kill the idea of a fun ride huh?


Hank Greer said...

That's a great day for a ride well away from traffic.

Anonymous said...

A good friend of mine in grad school called this the "amoeba effect". In our case it was about going to lunch. If you were working in the computer lab and said out loud that you were going to lunch then you'd be overheard, and so-and-so would want to go, but can you wait until he's submitted the homework, and then so-and-so's friend is coming from another part of campus, can we wait for her, and so on (or so-and-so-on). It was like an amoeba that got bigger and *slower* with each new person that glommed on.

Mike Sirott said...

John, the perfect group ride is a myth that occurs only in bicycle theory 101. Trust me on this one. You'll never be happy.

Team Rider 3 said...

JS - You should consider adopting the Top Gear Rule, "If a friend falls, leave him there."

Harsh but effective.

Hope to be there on Black Friday.
Rider Three