Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cyclocross At Liberty Lake

The skies were cloudy but the rain held off. It was a good day for racing. Here are a few shots.

The sand before and after going through the lake was tedious.

Stephanie going through the lake.

The great leap forward.

From those that reacted, the water was very cold.

More sand.

It was great to see racers of all ages and skill levels.


Dan O said...

Nice pics. That lake section is pretty wild.

Josh Johnson said...

Cool pics. Would you be willing to submit them to Liberty Lake's weekly community newspaper, The Splash? We'd love to reprint one or two. Send your favorite couple along if you don't mind ... josh (at)


Josh Johnson
Editor and Publisher (and Bicyclist)

Bryan B said...

First, nice to see a X-check in it's natural environment!

Second, it looks like that kid in the last picture has awesome form.