Monday, November 8, 2010

Sneak peek

I finally convinced Liza to let me build her up a fast bike.
She prefers a 52cm -ish frame and she likes 26" wheels. She's not a low trail fan, but she likes a quickish front end.
I've been working this deal in the background for a while. It took me some time to find the frame. When I did, it was sound, but not pretty. With some bartering, trading, and just $40 cash, we'll end up with a freshly powder-coated frameset.
Very green apparently.
We'll be picking it up later this week in Seattle.
I've given enough hints for the bike nerds to make a reasonable guess on the frame make/model. So, I won't be a bore and lay it out there.
More to come.


rory said...

my guess was a bridgestone RB-1/2 or univega or centurion or nishiki, based on the picture of the bottom bracket shell. but you said 26" wheels, and I don't think any of those bikes would work with 26" without adding canti's(which i don't see in the picture).

my only other guess is a georgena, but i really think that's an outside chance.

Anonymous said...

1988 Rockhopper ftw!