Saturday, November 27, 2010

Perfect kicksled conditions

It snowed a bunch over the last week. Then it got to about 36F today and the wet snow was compacted by traffic. It's about 25F now and super slick.
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Alison said...

Great pictures! I'm thinking of getting a kicksled in Vermont--for fun and to get my 7 year-old from school a couple times a week. Did that work out for Liza? I'm just wondering how regularly I'd really able to use it. Would you say you really have to wait for the right conditions you've described or that powdery snow is doable (just slower-going?) I'm in a rural town with no sidewalks, but a good margin along the sides of our dirt roads are usually unplowed (just a packed down layer) so I'm hoping that will work. Any advice on these conditions would be so appreciated!You guys look like you have a great time with it!

John Speare said...

Alison -- you really need packed snow conditions. Basically, it wants ice. So the more the snow acts like ice, the better off you'll be. We hoped to use it in softer snow conditions and bough some optional plastic runners that snap on to the blades, but we've not found optimal conidtions for those either.
I don't think powdery-snow is even doable. The blades are like ice skating blades -- so as soon as they sink into ground/dirt, everything stops. Quickly.

Simply Bike said...

I'd never heard of a kicksled but this looks like so much fun!