Monday, November 8, 2010

Weird spoke failure

I've busted a handful of spokes over the last few years. In almost all cases, they snap at the bend. I've had a couple break at the nipple too. But I've never had one break like this -- about 20mm away from the head.

Weird, right?

This break was on the cycle truck. Maddie and I really beat the heck out of that bike. It's shifting weird now and it's bugging me. It's doing that think where it won't settle on a gear on the rear cassette if it's mid-to-low range. It's really frustrating. The chain and cassette are nearly new, so it's not a wear issue.

-Some numbers: this is the 802nd post to this blog.
-More: November 10th is the 4th anniversary of this blog's existence.
-Even more: Two years ago on November 9th, 2008 my grandfather, John Speare passed away. A year ago, on November 9th, 2009 my father, John Speare passed away. Let's hope that tomorrow, November 9th, 2010 goes better for this John Speare.


Anonymous said...

Usually shifting issues like that indicate a dirty/dragging cable or the read derailleur hangar is bent. You didn't by chance get the chain in between the cogset and spokes at some point?

Unknown said...

weird indeed...

i am curious: was this the left side of the rear wheel? did you use straight-guage spokes? was this a heads-in spoke? laced cross three? how much tension?

John Speare said...

anon: i'll check derailleur hanger, but shifting at the edges of the cassette work fine... but it's worth checking. I've not wedged this chain before.

- drive side
- butted spokes (but i replaced it with an old straight spoke I found at P2P
- heads-in
- 3 cross
- tension... i didn't measure. Hopefully around 115 or so.