Saturday, November 20, 2010

Steph's new Elephant

Maddie and I stopped by Glen's today to press a headset and drop off some Maddie-school-fund-raiser-chocolate.

And there stood Steph's new Elephant CX bike. Good god. That is the best paint combo yet. And it's no accident. Apparently Steph really wrung her brain finalizing the decal color. It's striking. I so dig it.

The crappy cell phone camera shots don't show the nice brown that the paint is. It's called bronze. But it's just a really nice chocolate-ish brown. Lovely.

Since Steph wasn't there we got to try it out. Maddie stood over it. She's got a bit of growing to make it work. But my pea brain got burning pretty hot thinking about Maddie-Elephant solutions as I stared at this bike. I also took it for about a 20 foot ride.

Cool fact: the rims are from Glen's Bontrager days -- they are Super Champions that were rolled down from 700c to 26" in the Bontrager garage many moons ago. Sweet.

I'm not sure if he's going to keep these rims on there or build her up a new set with AeroHeat rims and pull-through hubs (which were damn light). In any case, Steph will be rocking a bitchin wheelset.

It's probably against some blogging law to post pictures of someone's bike before the someone has even seen it. It's at least bad form, but I can't help myself and Glen said it was ok.

Hopefully Steph will be racing this bike tomorrow. And hopefully she'll post a report here when she's done. No pressure though!


Anonymous said...

As per usual, the facts have been somewhat scrambled. Rims are the later, much lighter Mavic MA-2 which at some point Mavic actually made for us.

Dan O said...

Nice 'cross bike - really nice.

Pat S said...

"It's probably against some blogging law to post pictures of someone's bike before the someone has even seen it?"

Hell, John, you've broken every blog law in the books, but thanks for doing so. I'm just so excited for Steph to have a bike that fits. I wouldn't wanna be her competition just now.

In the big picture of the state of cycling in our fair town, it's pretty huge that we have a guy with Glen's experience and capabilities, and who's all about putting people on the right bike.

Damnit, I'm all fired up about this. Very cool.