Friday, November 5, 2010

Liberty Creek Loop

A couple more pics from today's short ride.

I was surprised that this loop is not on Bikely. So I dumped our gpx on there. Now there is a Liberty Creek Loop on Bikely.

This is just an 8 mile loop. It's pretty -- cedar groves, waterfalls, nice views. But the first half would make a better family hike than a ride. We ended up pushing our bikes for about an hour of this ride. If I went again, I'd go counter-clockwise, and do an out and back, or better, get up into the Mica area and explore.

That's the walking part

There's a lot of open space back there. The Liberty Lake County Park is the trailhead, and it's only about 30 car-minutes from home, so this area has a lot of explore-potential.

There's even a cool little cabin thing up on top of this ride -- with bunk beds and an outhouse and a fire ring. The county park website mentions a fee for "shelters" (and a steep fee at that $100/night for weekends!!); I wonder if the little cabin at the top is the shelter they're talking about? If so, forget it. But if not, this cabin would make a great S240 destination -- if you came in via Mica.

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