Thursday, April 14, 2011

Breathing and other stuff

I wouldn't mind having one of these.
Every bike shop should have one of these on their counter.
My bronchitis is slowly going away.

It's a weird feeling to be breathing super hard and not getting the normal amount of oxygen. I'd say nearly a scary feeling.

On the wanker-gear-head front, I feel the need to give two props and a potential prop.

#1 prop. Those f'ing tires. I did the SOS ride on those tires last week. I've tooled around town on them. They're far and away the best all-rounders ever that have been. Ever. I am going to become heavily invested and super charged in my opinion that these are the best all-rounders ever. That means my judgement will be clouded to the potential for other tires. Further, if I were king of the world, I'd subsidize the shite out of these tires and make them available in 559x45 and 584 x 42 sizes.  People would have two choices: this tire, or some bullet proof, non-flat-able turd tire.

#2 prop. Those f'ing shorts. Dig 'em. They're comfy. They're easy. But they may be a bit too cool for school. All the same, I don't plan on taking them off until about October.

Potential Prop: The people that handle PR for Pearl Izumi sent me two pairs of shoes: the X-Alp Seek III WRX and the X-Alp Elite. I asked for "normal" looking shoes. I'm on the hunt for a replacement for the super, rad, but-of-course-no-longer-made-because-Shimano-hates-me Shimano MT-60. The PI X-Alp Elite was horrid in the "normal" looking department, but looks very promising for the cyclocross-racing department.

The X-Alp Seek III is dorky looking, but it's really growing on me. The basics: it fits well, it's lace up, it's not too flashy (though I'd loose the red bits and tone down the reflective bits), it has a nice rubber bit over the toe to keep out the super cold, it's water resistant, and it's comfy enough to walk around in.

But the bit that made me smile is the lace-solution. On all other laced bike shoes I've worn (the MT-60, Chrome, and Keen Austin), there's a little strap to stuff the laces under. Either the strap is crazy tight and is therefore too much fussing to use or it's loosey-goosey and doesn't hold the lace. The PI shoe, however, has a little pouch at the top of the tongue to shove the laces into. Nice. Can you believe how f'ing trivial I can be? That's the killer feature man!


Jordy said...

I just can't figure out what the first picture is. I know its a hub but what for? It looks like a toilet paper roll holder.

Anonymous said...

Love the way you work the product placements, baby. Love it.

This comment brought to you by:

Skoal Cycle Chewing Tobacco "Look Ma, no hands!" Now with free Live-Strong bracelet around every tin.

And by, Aquanet Trump-Strength Hair Spray "For the Helmet-Proof Combover!"

And, of course, by classic sushi-flavored AnalGlow™ lubricated chamois inserts, handcrafted by Tucks in partnership with TEPCO and British Petroleum.

Rachel said...

I have a pair of the X-Alp Seek shoes, women's style of course.
I really like them and think they look pretty darn normal.
They are also comfortable, warm, and definitely water resistant. They do become too warm in the summer though, so that's when I switch to sandals.

I just tuck the lace loops into the crossover bits of lace.

John Speare said...

Jordy: it's a display for bike shops. The point is to show customers how to properly use a quick release. Bridgestone USA used to give them to their dealers. Hand-brazed in Japan of course.

Anon -- get a blog. Get those tires. Ride them. If you can stay mumm about them, then consider yourself pure.

Michael said...

I was wondering what that gizmo was too, thanks.

Traditional Bike Club Curmudgeon said...

I had it pegged for a toilet paper holder.

But, of course any Freudian would say that I'm stuck in the anal phase, so that's no surprise.

Anonymous said...

From my new blog Gray Skies and White Tires:

The UPS man brought my white tires this morning. I say "man" but it may have a been a woman. I heard the thud of the package on the stoop, but I didn't bother to look out the rain-streaked window. I just stared at the scum floating on my tepid sour coffee.

It may have been Jessica Alba delivering my tires in a topless bikini, her body glistening with beaded raindrops, for all I knew. But, probably not. It was probably just a pissed-off dude in a damp brown jacket. After a long while, I went to the door to get the package, the cup of cold coffee in hand.

If I had expected the tires to arrive in a polished hardwood case lined with crushed red velvet--and perhaps I did, secretly--then I was sorely disappointed. On the stoop was a soggy cardboard box. I closed the door to the rain and set the box on the dirty carpet.

"OK, white tires," I said to the soggy box. "Transform my life."

The box was silent, arrogant, unopened.

I kicked the box into a corner and started back to bed.

But, then I heard a knock. I surprised myself and opened the door. Jessica Alba stood on the stoop, very wet.

"Here," she said, "I forgot to deliver your quick-release toilet paper dispenser."

She handed the device to me, the metal still warm from her hands. A sunbeam broke through the clouds and lit up the dispenser as I held it aloft, and just like that a rainbow appeared, transforming sodden Spokane into a fantasy land of light and color and warmth.

"Can I have some of that coffee," Jessica purred. "Smells delicious."

"I'm sorry," I said, "but I guess I have a date with my toilet. Thank you, and goodbye."

I laughed aloud with true, heartfelt joy, and I began my day all over again, a better man. Sweet quick release, indeed. I felt pure. Hand-brazed, even.

Later, I returned the white tires for a full refund.

The End

Anonymous said...

Here comes the sun
Just saying. It's all right.