Friday, April 22, 2011

I got nothing

From an early-season Temple road attempt
Since I've not ridden a lick this week, I've not thought of anything. Zero in the brain. So nothing makes it here. Clearly, if you've read this blog enough, then you know that having content in the brain is barely a requirement. But really, I got nothing.

I'm off to the doctor today to see if he can help me breathe again.

I rode about 2 miles today. I'm slightly improving, but still wheezing on trivial climbs. Arg!

Bill and co are going on an overnighter tonight and I wish I was going.


Andre said...

Rest up, we want you riding next weekend.

Anonymous said...

When you've got nothing
You've got nothing to lose
You're invisible now
You got no secrets to reveeeeeeeal
So, how does it feel?

Like a non-rolling stone?

Pax said...

Just gots to give it time & REAL rest. I came back too quick & relapsed. First really beautiful day here and I'm back on the couch, commenting on blogs...

John Speare said...

Doctor just gave me some 'roids. Andre: I'll be all juiced and aggro for next weekend's events!

Unknown said...

i once was deathly sick for a week, having trouble breathing, walking, swallowing, etc.

it was generally miserable. a doctor prescribed me some 'roids. i was feeling totally normal in 12 hours.

best wishes!

Anonymous said...

I have heard of this before - it is called Rider's Block