Thursday, April 7, 2011

Transportation Plans You'll Want To Take A Look At

Are us 'common folk' still allowed to post on here John? Well I am, because this is important.

Spokane Regional Transportation Council is in the process of wrapping up a couple projects. It’s been a year, but we’re finally ready for you to look over the reports from the Spokane Transportation Vision Project and the West Plains-Spokane International Airport (WP-SIA) Study and let us know if we got it right.

The Transportation Vision Project was an effort to develop a long-term vision and implementation plan for transportation across the region for the next 30-50 years. We talked to the public extensively for this project, and a lot of what we heard was a need and desire for additional modes of transportation, such as better walking and bicycling facilities and public transit options.

That feedback is reflected in the draft project report at on the Vision Project website.
Take a look to make sure we didn’t miss anything that’s a priority for you. You have until May 8 to submit comments.

We’re also looking for comments regarding the WP-SIA Study report. It’s available online at at There's a link on the home page. The WP-SIA Study was initiated to address the transportation needs of the West Plains. Input received from the public during the study raised concerns regarding safety and the need for multi-modal transportation options within the West Plains. The study report contains public transit and bike/pedestrian recommendations as well as a list of roadway alternatives and recommendations for the study area.

The public comment period for that study runs until April 27.

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