Saturday, April 9, 2011

X0-1 rack done

While I was away last week, Pat finished the clean up work and had the rack powder coated.

It looks great. Fits good. There's a tiny gap on the front fender mount, but I filled it with an M5 nut and it bothers me now not one whit.

Liza just got back from a trip to the grocery store, with one big Ortlieb and one small Ortlieb on the rack. Probably about 30 pounds of stuff. No issues.

This is a cool design. The weight is mainly supported by the stays to the rear fork drop outs, while the tie-ins to the fender keep the rack from rotating. There are no struts to the seat stay.

We're calling Liza's bike done for now. Though, now that she's shifting the front chain rings with a friction shifter, we may put an older derailleur on there so she can carry a second water bottle.


Anonymous said...

stong work!

Seabiscuit said...

Glad to see that frame get out a bit more. Nice build!