Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lovely wife astride a giant bike

I think it actually was a Giant. With 3-piece cranks and everything.

Way more functional than the ancient, chain-throwing rusty Schwinn that I rented in Oceanside for the first half of the week.

The cruiser-bike deal here in SoCal is kinda crazy. There are some who appear to transition well between the various modes of acceptable bikeways: the sidewalk, the multi-use paths, and the streets.

But a lot of cruiser traffic appears to be newer users, who make pedestrian-rooted decisions, and young men who attempt to maintain thier too-fast sidewalk speeds.

Both of these last two user groups provide unlimited entertainment for me, especially around the busy intersections on the multi-use path that runs along Pacific Beach.
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Anonymous said...

Spokane girls are hip
I really dig those styles they wear
Katy Perry's style is so yesterday
Liza knocks her out when she's down there

Klay said...

what, they don't rent helmets at the beach?