Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Clear and warm

I have bronchitis. Yesterday's ride home required some walking.
Today is a car day.
This is the first time I've driven to the office in the last 2 years.
I'm hoping my day of rest + antibiotics will make me good for a quick trail ride this evening.
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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Drive to Work Week?

Wouldn't it be kinda cool if everyone normally biked to work, but once a year we celebrated cars (and trucks) with a few days of nostalgic driving?

If gas prices keep going up, maybe that will happen. I'm seeing more people bike commuting every week, despite the crummy weather this spring.

Too bad your lungs acted up on such a nice day. Hope the drugs work.

Mark H said...

On your way back could you pick up a couple yards of mulch?

EvilElf said...

I hope you get feeling better soon.

My streak came to an end this winter because of some temporary changes in work that would have been ridiculous to work around.

How did it feel to have the streak broken? Not so bad!

I have come to realize that it's the enjoyment not the personal record that I have to maintain. I missed that one day and then, last week, I wasn't able to bike. And now that I can again, I appreciate how much better it is than driving all the more!

Enjoy your driving as best you can. It will make the biking feel even better!

Rachel said...

Driving is so lame. Why aren't you teleporting to work like all of the cool kids?

FBC Spokane said...

Hope you start feeling better soon.

Unknown said...

That truck is so money.