Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Last batch of river pics

We had a great time at the river for the last couple weeks.

I've got a couple more days of vacation, then back to the world of dreams on Monday.

Here's the last few pics. If you're into quality over quantity, check out the super-off-the-charts river pictures on Alex's blog. Man that guy can shoot.

This sign cracked me up. I couldn't get a good picture of the sign along with the sheer drop into cliff walls below. I'm thinking that no one has or will ever consider jump off this bridge unless they're calling it curtains.

Here's the landing spot if you want to disregard the sign. Those little things that look like stacked sticks are logs.

I turned 40 on July 18th.
It was a nice birthday.
Liza and Maddie each made me a book about me.
And Maddie kept me in local beer most of the day.

Maddie screamed when she saw this beauty (the beetle, not the dime) under the tarp covering our firewood.

Overlooking the Columbia River.

The Gifford Cemetery.
Cemeteries are good for easy water refills.
Note the frost-free faucet just right of the rear wheel behind the fence.


JMH said...
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JMH said...

Asian Bark Beetle? Kill it. It is responsible for destroying our National Forests.

Happy Birthday! I'm turning 40 in September, trying to convince my wife that the Handsome Cycles XOXO would make a great gift.

EvilElf said...

Happy birthday!