Wednesday, November 3, 2010

3 bikey things this weekend

1. Saturday - 1st Year anniversary of 2 Wheel Transit buy out. Geoff and Bruce bought 2 Wheel Transit a year ago and promptly jumped into the local bikey fray. Aside from sponsoring a Weds Night Bike race last spring, and sponsoring a local bike team, they also reached out to Pedals2People and donated a bunch of bikes and bike stuff as P2P transitioned to the new space. A lot of those donations translated directly to cash money that helps P2P keep the shop open.

In addition, Geoff keeps bees and sells bitchin honey. Liza can't get enough.

So there's the pitch. Support these guys.

And they're running out a bunch of Ibex stuff from last spring. Even with 20% off, it's still spendy, but it's the best bike wool out there in my not-so-humble opinion. And there will be cake and stuff.

2. Sunday. Option 1: Drive to Ephrata and go to the Inland NW CX Race series and represent.

3. Sunday. Option 2: Go to P2P Annual meeting. 2-4 pm. It's at Beth and Mike's house. If you don't know where Beth and Mike live, email and get more info.

Aside from free food and getting to hang out with other bikey nerdy types, you can get the annual scoop of P2P numbers, goals, plans. Changes, as always, are afoot. In fact, P2P is looking for dedicated, smart board members. If you even have an inkling of interest in such an endeavour, show up to the annual meeting.


T.K. McGuinness said...

just for clarity: It was Thursday evening rides. And Liza likes the honey, too?

zed said...

Drive your car to Ephrata and represent!