Monday, March 29, 2010


The new Sunset Junction Trail Head on the Fish Lake Trail at 3:00 PM on a blustery, threatening-to-rain Sunday afternoon.

18 of 24 parking spots were occupied and the trail was full of people.

Now, if we could only get the city (or whoever) to unlock the restrooms.


Anonymous said...

How far does it go now?

Traditional Bike Club Curmudgeon said...

From the Sunset Junction trail head, the paved trial now runs 7.2 miles just beyond Marshall to Scribner.

Hopefully, it will some day be connected with the portion south of Cheney.

Anonymous said...

For anyone new to this area:

Spokane-Cheney road connects the two ends of the trail between Scribner and Fish Lake. It has a good shoulder, and it's just a couple miles or so of road riding.

The paved section of the trail ends at Scribner, a gravel road. Turn right, and there is a short climb up to Spokane-Cheney. (Watch for trains at the tracks.) Go left on Spokane Cheney.

Turn right to go into Fish Lake park, there's a sign but you can't miss the huge derelict bucket loader at the corner.

The paved section starting from Fish Lake takes you to Cheney-Spangle road. Well-maintained gravel trail continues into Turnbull wildlife refuge.

A fun trip. There are many other nice quiet roads, gravel and asphalt, just off the trail.