Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hang plan

The Weds night hang is in flux. Tomorrow is St Patty's, so we'll be steering clear of bars.

Plan tomorrow:
5:45 pm: meet at Polly Judd.
6 pm: Ride

We'll ride the middle trail south to miserable climb to Bernard/Highdrive, then drop back down on the top trail to Polly Judd to land at Huck's by 7pm. This is all swoopy single track with some climbing. The single track is easy, but the bluff drop off can be distracting to newbies.

If you're not into the ride part, then feel free and clear to meet at Huck's. Remember: this is about hanging out and *talking* about bikes. This whole riding thing is new to the Hang, so all bike-talkers are always welcome.

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