Thursday, March 11, 2010

Freds rejoice!

This just in.

Shimano has gone back to their original 2-strap sandal style for the 2010 version. Hallelujah.

I've carried on endlessly about the demise of the 2-strap Shimano sandals on this blog. And then there's the Keen Commuter woes.

Everytime I talk sandals, I fear the wrath of BSNYC, or his/her followers, but I am proud to speak for the wool-sock-with-sandal-wearing nerds of Fredom.

Thank you Shimano for making your sandal look and act more like a sandal again. Now if we can just get Ibex to bring back the Hybrid...


Bill Foss said...

Hey any comments on the Nashbar version? They really get high user ratings and cost about half.

OlyBikes said...

Good news, as they were de-sandalizing it and building it up the past few years. You should definitely get the new sandals so that the next time you and Alex and I go touring (overnighter in a few months?) at least ONE of us wont have sandals identical with the other two. Mine are still kickin' as it were.